Club membership for the year: £60
Club membership for one semester : £35

(There will be a sub charge for non-students and team players, which can be found via our page on the Sports Union website, where you can also purchase a membership).

What do we offer to our members?

  • Access to 4 weekly open sessions
  • Free coaching for all levels of ability
  • Joining teams and representing the University in East League squash competitions and/or BUCS
  • Intramural competition – join a team of your choice
  • Club-organised tournaments (entry fees may apply)
  • Lots of splendid socials organised by our social secretaries
  • Free nibbles at 8PM after Sunday open session
  • Fun and inclusive sporty environment
  • Endless banter and lots of amazing new friends

*Extra court time out of Open Sessions is not provided by the club. Members must pay for their own court time (£4.50 for 40min – price under revision for 2020/21) through the Pleasance Sports Centre online booking system or reception.

How to join?

STEP 1. Make a free account with the Sports Union (SU). You can do so here.

STEP 2. Make sure you have a full gym membership (NOT off-peak) which you will need to access our facilities. You can get one here.

STEP 3. Click here to pay your membership and SU fee online and you’re sorted!

If you are not a student but are a member of staff at the University (eg. you’re doing your PhD), you can still join our club and get most of the benefits the club has to offer. The only difference is that you will not be able to represent the university at British Universities and Colleges Sports competitions.