Following some recent exciting changes to our club’s team coaching, we are happy to announce that our team players are going to be receiving some top of the class coaching at Pleasance this year! There will be two coaching groups as we cannot all fit into one session. Group A is open to all 1st team players and players of comparable ability. Group B is open to all other team players.

The club has cut a deal with the Scottish Squash association and our Group A players are going to have the opportunity to take part in 3 national-level coaching sessions a week as well as our own private team session. The 3 merged sessions will be overseen by two real Scottish Squash capacities – Kevin Moran, Senior Performance Coach at Scottish Squash, and Jamie Henderson, our head coach and an ex-Scottish Squash player – so least to say we have some exciting times ahead!

Coaching schedule for Group A:
  • Mondays 7.20-9.20AM
  • Wednesdays 7.20-9.20AM
  • Thursdays 5.20-7.20PM
  • Fridays 7.20-9.20AM

Group B will receive 2 coaching sessions per week with Jamie Henderson and supporting coach Stuart George (both Scottish national and international level players).

Coaching schedule for Group B:
  • Wednesdays 2.00-4.00PM
  • Thursdays 3.20-4.40PM

Coaching times for Group A and Group B are subject to change as of 2021/2022 as per player and coach feedback from 2019/2020 and COVID-19 regulations yet to be determined. Set times coming soon!

Please note, Men’s Teams are tend to be extremely competitive but Ladies’ Teams are more relaxed when it comes to our lower 2nd and 3rd team! We encourage all interested ladies to take part!